Nature picture book “Chiemen Peninsula – natural oasis on Lake Zug in the course of the seasons”

A Book project by Alexander Dietz
(Dietz + Dietz photographers / image archive)

In the extremely dry year of 2018, the level of Lake Zug fell to its lowest level since 1921. Rock formations on the shore fall dry and invite you to take photos. Until spring 2020/21, unique photos will be created at all times of the day and night that show the charm of the rarely visible rocky bank, the weather phenomena and the location of the small peninsula on Lake Zug. The comet Neowise over Lake Zug in 2020 is as little missing in the book as the Milky Way rising into the night sky in spring between Gnipen and the Queen of the Mountains, the Rigi. There are picturesque sunrises and sunsets, foehn storms, foggy moods, thunderstorms to discover. Nature provides mystical moods and surprises in all seasons. During this time, countless recordings of the local flora and fauna are also made. Black woodpecker, kingfisher, orchids, forest crickets, mushrooms, flowers, ice cream u. vm enrich this nature picture book. A patch of earth, inconspicuous and primeval, which can be explored via an adventurous riverside path around centuries-old quarries.

It is an illustrated book for nature lovers and photo enthusiasts, which shows that with perseverance, perseverance and sometimes a little luck there is still great nature to discover in a small space and in unexpected places.

How you support my project:

It costs 27,000 francs to produce the illustrated book in a local printer. One canton, three municipalities and private individuals have pledged just under 10,000 francs (as of June 23, 2021). You can place a sponsor entry with / without your company logo in the book until July 31, 2021 or support the project with a pre-order beyond the date.

On our website you will find an exposé, a book excerpt as well as the order information with my consideration for your support.

Thank you very much for your help – Alexander Dietz, photographer BR

Dietz + Dietz photographers / image archive
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