SAB, the Swiss Association of Picture Agencies and Photo Archives publishes its well-known recommended price recommendations for image material at regular intervals. The 2021 edition is valid from July 5, 2021.

The 2021 edition of the SAB Price Recommendations is here.

The 40-page brochure contains information on project-related “rights-managed” image uses (RM = Rights Managed), both for commercial and editorial projects from A to Z. It also contains terms of delivery and terms and conditions, a glossary, texts on image rights and image licensing, copyright, personal rights and the rights of third parties. A SAB portrait and the list of SAB members are also part of the content.

The brochure is offered as a PDF in German , French and English and can be purchased at CHF 30.00 via the webshop. A discount is deducted for multiple purchases. Payment is possible with PayPal and credit card via Stripe. With the confirmation of payment, a link is sent to download the 40-page brochure, which is considered a personal license and may not be redistributed.

The SAB price list serves as a transparent and real negotiating basis for the licensing of photos and illustrations. It is not a specification, it is a guide price – the information is to be interpreted as a recommended price. The SAB price recommendations have been a reliable and valued tool for picture agencies, picture buyers and photographers for many years.

SAB Swiss Association of
Picture Agencies and Photo Archives
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Tel. 056 281 20 88