Photos of European brown bears at Yannick Andrea

Gerade aus dem Winterschlaf erwacht: Über 700 Fotografien von europäischen Braunbären finden sich im Online Bildarchiv der Yannick Andrea GmbH

Bears bathing, swimming, splashing, diving, snorting, gasping for air, threatening, biting, pinching, running, running, galloping, eating raspberries / fruit / grass, looking for food, climbing, sleeping, lying on their backs, Licking, sitting, yawning, enjoying, observing, roaming around, making a manikin, looking, smelling, scenting, digging, scratching trees, counting claws, hitting, knocking out paws, pressing underwater, shaking oneself, looking underwater, Hiding, scratching your head, biting your claws, eating ants and larvae, balancing at lofty heights, listening, carrying stones, turning a tree trunk, sitting on the tree, drinking and excrement. Of loners (females and males), “pairs”, baby bears, young animals and a gang of young rascals.

With detailed shots of noses, ears, snout, front and rear paws, soles, claws and portraits. With the “Layout” search function, over 60 intended “double pages” can be selected and combined with any keywords.

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