SAB Portrait and Goals

SAB – the Swiss Association of Image Agencies and Archives – is the Swiss association of professional image providers. It has existed as an association since 1992 and with its members represents the entire spectrum of the image industry: universal agencies, special agencies, stock image agencies, press image agencies, flight image agencies, calendar image agencies, historical image archives.

Goals of the SAB

The objectives of the SAB are the following:

  • Advancement of the Swiss picture agencies
  • Exchange of experience among members
  • Organization of symposia for members and interested parties
  • Consulting in professional and legal matters
  • Publication of fee and condition recommendations for image providers and image users
  • Strengthening the right of reproduction of photographs
  • Contacts with related associations


Together with other associations of the Swiss image industry, SAB was represented in the Working Group “Lichtbildschutz”, which has endeavored to push through its demand for the protection of the simple photo in the revision of the copyright law, which it has also achieved: Since April 1, 2020, also photographs without individual design are protected by copyright.

SAB is also a member of the European picture agencies association CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage ), who works with the European Commission to ensure that images are better protected in the digital age.

Fee and condition recommendations

For many years, SAB’s recommendations for fees and conditions have provided all those involved in the picture market with important information and guidance. They ensure transparency and enjoy respect and recognition in the advertising and media industry. The price recommendations can be conveniently purchased directly on this website and downloaded as a PDF.