SAB General Conditions

General DELIVERY ANd Business COnditions

FOR products and services of SAB


I. Scope of Application

1. The following delivery and business conditions apply to the purchase of products and services of the Swiss Association of Picture Agencies and Archives, hereinafter SAB, via e-mail, Internet, webshop, etc.

2. Services provided by SAB include products such as documents and information, or personally provided services such as consultations, lectures, seminars, etc. A performance reference is deemed to have been completed if SAB has provided the service reference or rendered the service.

II. Use | Remuneration | Costs

3. Each performance reference is payable. SAB may provide certain services free of charge, which is at the discretion of SAB.

4. The SAB price recommendations are paid. On the SAB website, a PDF file can be obtained as a single license for a user. The license does not allow the transfer to third parties or the publication on the Internet.

5. The SAB price recommendations are also available with an extended license, which enables associations to make the PDF file of the brochure available to their members as a single licence. An extended license of the price recommendations is available upon request.