New edition: the SAB Price Recommendations 2021

SAB, the Swiss Association of Picture Agencies and Photo Archives publishes its well-known recommended price recommendations for image material at regular intervals. The 2021 edition is valid from July 5, 2021.

The 2021 edition of the SAB Price Recommendations is here.

The 40-page brochure contains information on project-related “rights-managed” image uses (RM = Rights Managed), both for commercial and editorial projects from A to Z. It also contains terms of delivery and terms and conditions, a glossary, texts on image rights and image licensing, copyright, personal rights and the rights of third parties. A SAB portrait and the list of SAB members are also part of the content.

The brochure is offered as a PDF in German , French and English and can be purchased at CHF 30.00 via the webshop. A discount is deducted for multiple purchases. Payment is possible with PayPal and credit card via Stripe. With the confirmation of payment, a link is sent to download the 40-page brochure, which is considered a personal license and may not be redistributed.

The SAB price list serves as a transparent and real negotiating basis for the licensing of photos and illustrations. It is not a specification, it is a guide price – the information is to be interpreted as a recommended price. The SAB price recommendations have been a reliable and valued tool for picture agencies, picture buyers and photographers for many years.

SAB Swiss Association of
Picture Agencies and Photo Archives
P.O. Box 15
5303 Würenlingen
Tel. 056 281 20 88

SAB: New multilingual web presence

SAB now presents itself with a new web design and in three languages.

SAB – the Swiss Association of Image Agencies and Archives – is happy to introduce itself to its interested audience in the image industry with a new website in German, French and English. We hope to be closer to our customers with a more modern appearance and news that are now published in three languages.
The language can be switched easily at any time using the language icons on the menu bar.
At the same time as the new website, the 2021 version of the SAB price recommendations for image material was published, which will remain valid for at least 1 1/2 years.

SAB is the interest group of professional Swiss picture suppliers. It has existed as an association since 1992 and currently includes 17 members with a colorful selection of professional image content.
You can find out more about the SAB by clicking through the topics on the menu bar of the new website,
z. B. at “About the SAB” | “Portrait and Goals” | “Membership”
Thank you for your interest in SAB!

SAB Swiss working group of
Picture Agencies and Photo Archives
P.O.Box 15
5303 Würenlingen

Photo: Prisma by Dukas/age/Ignacio Gonzalez Prado

Nature picture book "Chiemen Peninsula ..."

Nature picture book “Chiemen Peninsula – natural oasis on Lake Zug in the course of the seasons”

A Book project by Alexander Dietz
(Dietz + Dietz photographers / image archive)

In the extremely dry year of 2018, the level of Lake Zug fell to its lowest level since 1921. Rock formations on the shore fall dry and invite you to take photos. Until spring 2020/21, unique photos will be created at all times of the day and night that show the charm of the rarely visible rocky bank, the weather phenomena and the location of the small peninsula on Lake Zug. The comet Neowise over Lake Zug in 2020 is as little missing in the book as the Milky Way rising into the night sky in spring between Gnipen and the Queen of the Mountains, the Rigi. There are picturesque sunrises and sunsets, foehn storms, foggy moods, thunderstorms to discover. Nature provides mystical moods and surprises in all seasons. During this time, countless recordings of the local flora and fauna are also made. Black woodpecker, kingfisher, orchids, forest crickets, mushrooms, flowers, ice cream u. vm enrich this nature picture book. A patch of earth, inconspicuous and primeval, which can be explored via an adventurous riverside path around centuries-old quarries.

It is an illustrated book for nature lovers and photo enthusiasts, which shows that with perseverance, perseverance and sometimes a little luck there is still great nature to discover in a small space and in unexpected places.

How you support my project:

It costs 27,000 francs to produce the illustrated book in a local printer. One canton, three municipalities and private individuals have pledged just under 10,000 francs (as of June 23, 2021). You can place a sponsor entry with / without your company logo in the book until July 31, 2021 or support the project with a pre-order beyond the date.

On our website you will find an exposé, a book excerpt as well as the order information with my consideration for your support.

Thank you very much for your help – Alexander Dietz, photographer BR

Dietz + Dietz photographers / image archive
Alexander Dietz
Obstgartenweg 4
CH-6402 Merlischachen
+41 (0)41 850 40 36 – E-Mail– Online image database – Picture gallery Norway – Image gallery & calendar concepts – Photo cards and large enlargements – News blog

Dukas awakens the desire to travel

The joy of travelling is returning: New travel and nature images at Dukas

Finally we can make plans again and look forward to the summer!
In order to awaken the desire to travel and to rediscover the beauties of nature around the globe, we have expanded our range of nature and travel images.

Dukas is pleased to offer a high-quality, selected collection of 40,000 images from the renowned agency of Robert Harding to be able to offer to Swiss customers. Robert Harding was founded in 1972 and is today one of the largest independent providers of high-quality and selected travel, nature and animal photography. Robert Harding works with over 1000 photographers who travel the globe to capture popular tourist destinations as well as the most remote regions of the world with their cameras. This includes as well over 400 images from Switzerland.

You can find the pictures of the agency on our website with the search term “robertharding”.

Do you have questions and/or requests?
Contact us or Tel 044 298 50 00
and visit our websites and .

Dukas Press Agency

Prisma by Dukas
Hirslanderstrasse 51
8032 Zurich

Main image: Landing airplane over Maho Bay, Dutch part of St. Maarten, Caribbean Sea

Photos of European brown bears at Yannick Andrea

Photos of European brown bears at Yannick Andrea

Gerade aus dem Winterschlaf erwacht: Über 700 Fotografien von europäischen Braunbären finden sich im Online Bildarchiv der Yannick Andrea GmbH

Bears bathing, swimming, splashing, diving, snorting, gasping for air, threatening, biting, pinching, running, running, galloping, eating raspberries / fruit / grass, looking for food, climbing, sleeping, lying on their backs, Licking, sitting, yawning, enjoying, observing, roaming around, making a manikin, looking, smelling, scenting, digging, scratching trees, counting claws, hitting, knocking out paws, pressing underwater, shaking oneself, looking underwater, Hiding, scratching your head, biting your claws, eating ants and larvae, balancing at lofty heights, listening, carrying stones, turning a tree trunk, sitting on the tree, drinking and excrement. Of loners (females and males), “pairs”, baby bears, young animals and a gang of young rascals.

With detailed shots of noses, ears, snout, front and rear paws, soles, claws and portraits. With the “Layout” search function, over 60 intended “double pages” can be selected and combined with any keywords.

You can find more information on

Yannick Andrea GmbH Image Archive & Photography
Via Funtana 37
CH-7477 Filisur
Telephone ++ 41 (0) 81 404 12 74
Mobile ++ 41 (0) 78 690 84 11

New at SAB: Yannick Andrea

Ursula Baumann

Photographs from the Swiss mountain region: in single images, series of images, portraits, reports and long-term projects.

We at SAB are very happy about our new member Yannick Andrea Bildarchiv GmbH.
Yannick Andrea presents his image database himself:
Working as a professional photographer for over 20 years, the Corona issue gave me the time to put my picture archive online.

The subjects of the picture archive are:
– People at work in the mountain area (musicians, artists, craftsmen, workers, alpine farmers, farmers, etc.)
– Woods, plants and trees in details and in all seasons
– documentation
– Natural areas and changes in the landscape
– aerial photography

The online image archive offers various search functions that can be combined with one another, 100% zoom function in the image detail view, layout download for registered users and a fee calculator integrated after activation.

The photographs from the image archive of Yannick Andrea GmbH are authentic and not processed using AI. They are offered exclusively with the rights managed model. The image archive is constantly being expanded and expanded with photographs from the inventory and new recordings.

You can find more information on

Yannick Andrea GmbH
Image archive & photography
Via Funtana 37
7477 Filisur

Telephone ++ 41 (0) 81 404 12 74
Mobile ++ 41 (0) 78 690 84 11

Yannick Andrea Bildarchiv GmbH

Yannick Andrea Bildarchiv GmbH

Photographs of the Swiss mountain area:
In single images, image series, portraits, reportages and long-term projects

Yannick Andrea GmbH
Image Archive & Photography
Via Funtana 37
7477 Filisur

Telephone ++ 41 (0) 81 404 12 74
Mobile ++ 41 (0) 78 690 84 11

CEPIC Congress postponed again

CEPIC Congress in Mallorca postponed again

With great regret, CEPIC must have theirs Congress postponed from May 2020 to May 2021 Postpone another time due to the uncertain situation in the corona pandemic. The CEPIC Committee hopes to be able to find a new date for this year. The venue remains Palma de Mallorca.

Further information

Dietz + Dietz wintry

Winter cards with real photos

To get you in the mood for the time to come, we have another one Selection of winter cards
compiled. All cards come with real photo prints that are a local photo specialist
manufactures for us, delivered.
The formats A5 / C5 148 x 210 mm and E6 125 x 180 mm are available on cream-white
Quality cardboard and paper from Artoz in Lenzburg. The cards come with an envelope,
Insert sheet and individually wrapped in cellophane, delivered throughout Switzerland.

Business customers: please ask for our price lists for the

Private customers: You can find photos and order numbers HERE.
All information on terms and conditions and prices can be found under the following link: Price list and order form
Please note that we do not send single tickets.

Dietz + Dietz
Photographers / image archive
Alexander Dietz
Obstgartenweg 4
CH-6402 Merlischachen
+41 (0)41 850 40 36 – email – Online image database
northern – Picture gallery Norway – Image gallery & calendar concepts – Photo cards and large enlargements – News blog

Photo: farmhouse winter evening | Alexander Dietz

Currently at Aura

Two new books

AURA Foto Film Verlag is launching two new books:

[wyde_image_gallery images="292608,292618" image_size="large" gallery_type="grid-space" columns="2"]

The KKL story | One place | 100 years | Three buildings

Way of St. James | 900 km through Switzerland and Spain

The book “The KKL story | one place | 100 years | three buildings” was published for the 20th anniversary of the culture and congress center Lucerne KKL and documents the eventful history of the coveted building site in the most beautiful location with an abundance of articles and z. Partly unpublished images from various sources.
You can choose from a wide range of pages from the 230-page book leaf through here.

The book that has just appeared “Way of St. James | 900 km through Switzerland and Spain” is a combination of a travel report and information for long-term hiking. It includes pin handy shape professional photos and clippings from a diary. Texts and information should provide a well-founded preparation for the Camino de Santiago. The photographer Emanuel Ammon (AURA) and the diary author Monika Senn first made a pilgrimage in Switzerland between Constance and Einsiedeln, without knowing each other, in order to get in the mood for the 800 km long Way of St. James in northern Spain. The author and the photographer only met on the pilgrimage route. The diary was not created with a possible publication in mind and is therefore completely authentic. The book describes the 100 km Swiss Way of St. James and the entire original Way of St. James from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in southern France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. You can flip through many book pages on this landing page.

In addition: The historical picture archive of Emanuel Ammon is constantly being expanded. At the moment they are press photos from the 80s and early 90s.

AURA Foto Film Verlag GmbH
Gerliswilstrasse 23
CH-6020 Emmenbrücke
+41 41 420 65 65
+41 79 341 61 56

ImagePoint with a new website

ImagePoint with a new website

Easy. Images. Find.

The Swiss picture agency ImagePoint AG presents itself with a new, modern website. The appearance with the new logo shows the concern of ImagePoint: Simple – Images – Find. Accordingly, the website is kept simple. The quick search leads directly to the appropriate images, which are clearly presented. In just a few steps you can download the payment.

* Easy : with two clicks to the desired picture.
* Images: with a focus on Switzerland and People.
* Find : via quick keyword search.
Can’t find a picture or don’t have time? The image request helps further.

It’s best to try it out right away:

ImagePoint AG
Lerzenstrasse 27
8953 Dietikon
Tel. 044 341 80 15

Image: karpi / ImagePoint

Innovations in the revised copyright law

Innovations in the revised copyright law

New legal situation since April 1, 2020

9. November 2020In NewsBy Ursula Baumann

First-hand information on what’s new in the revised Copyright Act

A Corona-compliant group of 15 SAB members and interested non-members met on October 21 in the HWZ Zurich for the workshop “Photography & Copyright” by Christoph Schütz, the SAB, the Swiss working group of image agencies and – Archives, invited. The topic was the innovations regarding photographs in the revised Copyright Act, which has been in force since April 1, 2020.

Christoph Schütz, a well-founded expert on the subject, provided information on the new legal situation. As the initiator and head of the photo protection working group of the SBF, USPP, vfg, SAB, impressum and syndicom associations, he fought tenaciously and passionately for better protection of photos without individual character (“simple photos”). With success: since April 1, 2020, all photographs in Switzerland have been protected by copyright.

Paragraph 3bis has been added to Article 2 of the CopA: “Photographic reproduction and reproduction of three-dimensional objects produced using a method similar to photography are considered works, even if they do not have an individual character.”

However, there is a difference in the duration of protection: While individually designed photographs are protected for up to 70 years after the death of the author, protection for non-individual photographs is limited to 50 years after production. The photo protection working group had proposed to set protection for the new photography category as in Germany and Austria to 50 years after publication and only for unpublished images to 50 years after production, but this proposal was unsuccessful. The new barriers to copyright law were also discussed. A transitional provision stipulates that legal uses that began under old law may be completed.
Not everything that would have been desirable made it into the URG revision – it can be assumed that further adjustments will be discussed in the future.

Christoph Schütz has designed his workshop “Photography & Copyright” for authorities, associations, companies and institutions who use photographs from third parties in digital or printed form or who are interested in copyright issues relating to photographs for other reasons and shows how to use a Image usage has to take precedence. Much of it was familiar matter to his audience of visual professionals. Nevertheless, many questions were asked and answered in the group together with experiences and examples from practice. An aperitif in the in-house bistro concluded the interesting, lively workshop.

More about Christoph Schütz, photographer, publisher and media scientist from Friborg
Website “Working Group Photo Protection”:

Image: “Photography is a matter of luck” | Christoph Schütz | 2020

ImagePoint / Beginner

Workshop «Photography and Copyright»

Workshop «Photography and Copyright»

SAB workshop on October 21, 2020 in the HWZ Zurich

10. October 2020In NewsBy Ursula Baumann

On October 21, 2020, SAB is holding the workshop “Photography and Copyright” at the HWZ Zurich. This workshop on the revised copyright law is held by Christoph Schütz, the initiator and head of the “Working Group Photo Protection”, who succeeded in bringing protection for non-individual photographs into the URG revision.

The workshop takes place in German.

Part A
In the introductory presentation, Christoph Schütz answers the following questions:
– What has changed with the revised URG regarding photographs?
– What do I have to look at if I want to use photographs from third parties?
– In which cases can I use photographs without the consent of third parties?
– What should be done if a conflict arises due to the use of an image?

Part B:
After a break, specific questions from the participants are answered in the second part and case studies from practice are played through in groups or in plenary sessions.

SAB Workshop “Photography and Copyright”
Lecturer: Christoph Schütz, initiator of the photo protection working group
Date: Wednesday October 21, 2020
Location: HWZ Zurich School of Economics, Lagerstrasse 5, room 305
1.30 p.m. – 2.00 p.m. welcome drink
2 p.m. – 4 p.m. workshop
afterwards there is an aperitif in the bistro

The number of participants is limited to 20 people.
Participation is free for SAB members.
The remaining places are open to non-members
Cost: Fr. 90.00 incl. written documents, welcome drink and aperitif

Registration with full address by Friday, October 16, 2020

Image: Imagepoint / Begsteiger

CEPIC Congress postponed to May 2021

CEPIC Congress postponed to May 2021

After the CEPIC Congress 2020 had been postponed to September 30th - October 2nd at the beginning of the Corona blocking period, the CEPIC Committee decided after careful consideration to drop this date and postpone the Congress to May 2021.

CEPIC provides the following information on this important step:

"CEPIC has observed the national and international developments regarding Covid-19 very closely over the past weeks and months. Ensuring the safety of all of our delegates, exhibitors and employees was our top priority.
Together with the congress location on Mallorca - the Hotel Gran Melia Victoria - we have explored all possibilities for holding the CEPIC congress in September. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the responses from governments and health authorities in all countries are constantly changing.
This uncertainty makes it very difficult for CEPIC to work effectively in organizing a successful congress with an interesting program and a busy networking area. In addition, while news from Spain and other European countries allow cautious optimism, we cannot rule out an increase in COVID-19 cases as soon as people travel to other countries for business or pleasure.
In this force majeure scenario, CEPIC has decided to postpone the 2020 CEPIC Congress to 2021, in the same city, Palma de Mallorca, and in the same location, the Gran Melià Victoria Hotel.
The new CEPIC Congress will take place from May 19-21, 2021 instead of. As usual, the congress lasts three days.

If you have registered for CEPIC 2020, we will automatically transfer your registration to 2021.
Delegates who have booked and paid for a room at the Gran Melià Victoria will have their rooms transferred to the new dates free of charge. Please note that there will be no refund in the event of cancellation.
We hope this news will be a relief to all of our delegates, sponsors and partners, especially those who have reached out to us over the past few weeks with concerns about the feasibility of a CEPIC Congress in September 2020 and the implications of Foreign trips this year were. As in previous years, CEPIC will work with enthusiasm to bring you the best and largest event for image agencies, technology providers and image professionals worldwide.
Registration for the CEPIC Congress 2021 starts in January 2021.
If you have any questions about your registration or hotel room booking, please do not hesitate to to contact us . "

CEPIC, Center of the Picture Industry
Fritschestrasse 22, 10585 Berlin


CEPIC Kongress 2020

PALMA de Mallorca  27. – 29. Mai 2020

CEPIC, der europäische Dachverband der Bildagenturen, lädt ein nach Palma de Mallorca zur grössten Veranstaltung der Bildindustrie. Vom 27. – 29. Mai treffen sich Fachleute der Bildindustrie aus über 30 Ländern im Hotel Gran Melìa Victoria in Palma de Mallorca zum Networking. An einem Ort kann man zusammentreffen mit Leitern und Angestellten von Agenturen, mit Lieferanten von Filmmaterial, mit Techonlogie-Spezialitsten, mit Juristen und den Kreative, die die Bildindustrie erneuern. Dazu gibt es auch Vorträge und Workshops über die neusten Entwicklungen in der Bildindustrie.
Die CEPIC Jahresversammlung ist auf Dienstagnachmittag 26. Mai angesetzt und am Abend wird zur Welcome Reception auf die Dachterrasse des Tagungshotels eingeladen.
Eine Frühbuchung zum reduzierten Preis ist bis zum 29. Februar möglich.

Weitere Informationen

Photo protection now also in Switzerland

Photo protection now also in Switzerland

Switzerland received an improvement in photo protection

15. February 2020In NewsBy Ursula Baumann

Photo protection made it into the URG

At the end of January, the photo protection working group invited to an aperitif riche at the Kornhaus-Forum in Bern to celebrate the long and persistent success of including photo protection in the revision of the copyright law. A motley crowd of helpers and comrades-in-arms appeared to be happy about the victory. After the referendum initiated by the Pirate Party against the URG revision adopted in the autumn session did not materialize, the last possible stumbling block has also been cleared out of the way: thanks to the legally anchored photo protection, it is finally clear in Switzerland that photography is no longer easy may be used and resold without being asked. Photo protection guarantees all image creators – whether professionals or amateurs – that respect for their work that has increasingly been lost with digitization and the self-service mentality. The revised law is to be introduced in April 2020.

After welcoming the happy group, Christoph Schütz, the initiator and head of the photo protection working group of the SBF, USPP, vfg, SAB, impressum and Syndicom associations, described in a brief review the persistent, tireless commitment to this important issue over the course of 7 years. He thanked everyone who contributed to the success: his comrade-in-arms Beat Ernst from the SER for his active support, the associations of the image industry for their contributions, the photographers who worked for the early morning before the vote in the National Council Had demonstrated photo protection and the members of parliament who stood up for the cause.

The next speaker was Beat Flach, a member of the National Council member of the Legal Affairs Commission, about the URG revision from the perspective of the politician involved. Photo protection was only one of the concerns of many during the revision. Mr. Flach was impressed by the serious, decent tenacity with which Christoph Schütz lobbied parliamentarians for photo protection.

Philip Kübler, Director of Pro Litteris, explained in his speech how Pro Litteris, after initially rejecting the matter, thanks to many conversations with Christoph Schütz, has changed his mind and now also agrees to photo protection.

An imaginative humorous insert on the topic brought fun to the happy group. Also present as a cardboard figure was Christoph Meili, the security guard with the UBS files, which he saved from being shredded and thus started dealing with dormant accounts. And the photographer Gisela Blau, who shot the famous picture, which was assessed as not worthy of protection in the federal court, was pleased that her famous picture will also be protected in the future.
The evening ended in a happy mood with an aperitif riche.

We at the SAB would like to thank the photo protection working group, especially their locomotive Christoph Schütz, for their enormous commitment to this important cause. How nice that it was worth sticking with it!

Picture Bern in a festive mood: Christoph Schütz

Main picture: Christoph Schütz (r) + Beat Ernst pose with Meili cardboard cutout
Photo Severin Nowacki

Price recommendations 2019 also valid in 2020

Price recommendations 2019 also valid in 2020

3. February 2020In News, NewsBy Ursula Baumann

The 2019 edition of the SAB price recommendations for images is still up to date.

For many years the “SAB price list” has been used and valued by image providers and image buyers as a well-known, reliable tool in price negotiations. The 40-page brochure contains information on project-bound “rights-managed” image usages (RM = Rights Managed), both for commercial and editorial projects. It also contains terms of delivery and terms and conditions, a glossary, texts on image rights and image licensing, copyright, personal rights and the rights of third parties.

The SAB price recommendations are available as PDF in German , French and English offered. Each language version costs Fr. 30.00 and can be purchased via the SAB website to be bought. A discount will be deducted for multiple purchases. Payment is possible with PayPal and credit card via Stripe. With the confirmation of payment, a link is sent to download the 40-page brochure, which is considered a personal license and may not be redistributed.

SAB Swiss working group of
Image agencies and archives
Postfach 15
CH – 5303 Würenlingen

AURA: Rolleiflex wiederbelebt

Rolleiflex - Analoge Fotografie wiederbelebt

Strassenfotografie in Luzern von Hans Peter Jaeger um 1958 und Emanuel Ammon 2019 mit der gleichen Kamera

Das analoge Mittelformat hat so seine Geheimnisse. Nachdem Emanuel Ammon / AURA längst in der digitalen Welt angekommen ist und oft in einer Stunde mehr als 1000 Bilder schiesst, ist das analoge Fotografieren mit einer Rolleiflex eine echte Herausforderung, wenn es um Menschen und Reportagen geht.

Inspiriert wurde der Fotograf durch das Aufarbeiten alter Archivbestände seines einstigen Chefs und Redaktors
Hans Peter Jaeger (1920–2016), dessen Archiv er retten konnte.

Bilder aus Luzern,  aufgenommen mit der gleichen Rolleiflex 1958 und 2019

Hans Peter Jaeger, Schwanenplatz Luzern, Schulreise 1958


Emanuel Ammon, Schwanenplatz Luzern, Sefie mit Schwan 2019

2000 Fotos der 50-80er-Jahre von Hans Peter Jaeger mit der Rolleiflex aufgenommen

Aktuelle Bilder von Emanuel Ammon: Bilder der 50er-Jahre mit der gleichen Kamera aufgenommen

AURA Foto Film Verlag GmbH
Gerliswilstrasse 23
CH-6020 Emmenbrücke
+41 (0)41 420 65 65 | Online-Bilddatenbank | Luftaufnahmen und Filme | Luzern und alte Bildarchive


Eisgrotte Zinalgletscher

Michael Szönyi bei

Michael Szönyi bei – Naturprozesse erlebbar machen

Fotografien von Michael Szönyi vermitteln die Schönheit und Dynamik der Natur. Aus ihnen geht die Sorgfalt hervor, mit der seine Arbeiten entstehen. Er fängt Naturprozesse ein, die manchmal schnell, manchmal über Jahrmillionen langsam ablaufen. Diese Prozesse spielen sich nicht nur, aber vor allem in Bergregionen ab. Wie der Name schon sagt, ist die Heimat von die Alpenregion mit Gletscher-, Wander- und Wasserfallbildern, aber auch spektakuläre Eruptionen und mystische Unterwasserformationen auf den Vulkaninseln von Hawai’i gehören dazu. Dabei müssen es nicht immer die entfernten Ziele wie die Nordlichter auf Island oder die Geysire von Yellowstone sein, die eine Geschichte zu erzählen vermögen, gerade auch kleinere Schönheiten in unmittelbarer Nähe der Zivilisation gehören dazu.

Michael Szönyi ist in erster Linie Naturwissenschaftler und beschäftigt sich hauptberuflich mit Naturgefahren wie Hochwasser und Erdbeben. In zweiter Linie ist er Fotograf, und in dritter Linie Buchautor von mehreren Bänden in der Reihe „Georeisen“. Seit vielen Jahren sind seine Fotografien u.a. bei der Bildagentur vertreten.

Alle Bilder von Michael Szönyi bei finden Sie hier:
Bücher der Reihe “Geoland” von Michael Szönyi:
Toblerstrasse 76a
CH-8044 Zürich
Tel +41 44 500 50 99

Hauptbild: Eis in der Gletscherhöhle, Zinalgletscher, Val d’Anniviers

[wyde_image_gallery images="289796,289802,289798,289806,289808,289794,289800" image_size="large" gallery_type="slider" visible_items="1" show_navigation="true" auto_play="3" slide_loop="true"]

ImagePoint / Beginner

Free legal advice for SAB members

Free legal advice for SAB members

A new benefit for SAB members

17. December 2019In NewsBy Ursula Baumann

We would be happy to let you know that membership in the Swiss Association of Image Agencies and Archives SAB now includes free legal advice per year for every active member. Legal advice is provided by a qualified specialist and relates to the specific areas of law with which SAB members typically come into contact. It mainly includes copyright and contract law. The SAB covers the costs of a half-hour initial consultation. Our board member Wilfried Haferland from alpineSTOCK, as a lawyer familiar with the specialty of intellectual property law, is responsible for the new service.

With this offer, SAB membership offers an important additional service for active members. Who is part of it today are listed here .

According to the statutes, any natural or legal person who operates a picture agency or a picture archive in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein can become an active member. Active members can also be those who work full-time to provide image or agency-related services such as E.g. the operation of a hosting platform or an RSI service (reverse search engine) for images or who is full-time stock photography. Two years of active business activity are required for admission.
The annual fee of the SAB is currently CHF 300. and is to be paid upon entry.

Registration forms can be obtained from office can be obtained.

SAB Swiss working group of
Image agencies and archives
Postfach 15
5303 Würenlingen
Tel 056 281 20 88

Image: ImagePoint / Begsteiger